Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the more frequently asked questions (FAQ). If you don’t find the answer you are looking for in the Suncoast Dinosaurs FAQ don’t hesitate to reach out and ask.


Suncoast Dinosaurs FAQ

-Where are you located?

We are Suncoast Dinosaurs out of Lecanto, Florida, in Citrus County. We can travel to events throughout central Florida. If your located outside of our location we might be able to help. Contact us and let us try to help find a dinosaur team in your areawe know dinosaurs through out the world,


-What does a dinosaur do at my event?

You let us know how you would like to spend the time. Our performers can walk around, present an educational show, dance, play games, interact with kids or even act. However, they do NOT want to walk long distances, so we try to stay in one area.


What kind of events can I hire a dinosaur for?

Our dinosaurs love to have fun, which can be at a birthday party, adoption celebration, anniversary, or even a wedding. Some other events that are great for our dinosaurs include grand openings, corporate events, fairs, and festivals. 


Suncoast Dinosaurs FAQ 

-What is a retainer/booking fee?

A booking fee is a standard fee in the art industry; it is a non-refundable fee that secures your date and time for the event. This fee is for the specified time and date of the initial contract. 

 –What if it rains?

Our large walking dinosaurs are unable to perform in the rain. The customer is responsible for ensuring a proper performance area is available.  

-What happens if I cancel?

All retainer/booking fees are non-refundable. Events canceled 72 hours before the event, for any reason, can apply this fee to a one-time rescheduling of the event within the next year, pending availability.

-Why should I book in advance?

A non-refundable booking fee is an understandable concern. However, the booking fee secures your spot on the calendar. You can wait until closer to the event to schedule, but the risk you take is your chosen date and time may not be available for the requested performance. The longer you wait to schedule entertainment, there are fewer options available. 


Suncoast Dinosaurs FAQ 

-Can the dinosaurs perform in my living room?

Our dinosaurs love meeting people everywhere and learning all about the modern world, but unfortunately, most living rooms are not big enough for her to visit safely. She needs a minimum open space of 15 x 15 feet to ensure she has room to shake her tail. A handicap-accessible door is also required for our large dinosaurs to be able to enter safely


-What are the requirements that the dinosaurs need to perform?

Our large walking dinosaurs need a minimum space of 15×15 feet to have room to shake their tail. Weather is also an important concern with our large dinosaurs. Due to safety concerns, the dinosaur puppeteers will only perform for a maximum time of 20 minutes, followed by a 20-minute break. All dinosaurs must stay dry and can only perform in an area with no ditches/holes/slumps/hills etc. A parking area of at least 40 feet is needed to ensure the dinosaurs can safely arrive and exit their carriers. For indoor performances of our large dinosaurs, a handicap-accessible entrance is needed. Our dinosaurs can NOT climb steps and do not handle inclines well. Sometimes service elevators are large enough for transporting our dinosaurs but usually, all performances should be on the first floor. Fires and heat sources such as fire pits, tikki torches, propane heaters, etc are not permitted near our dinosaurs. Our walking dinosaurs will not perform next to hazards such as pools, cliffs, or traffic.


-Is a retainer/booking fee required?

Yes, a non-refundable deposit is required. An event is not confirmed until the booking fee is received. All performance fees need to be paid prior to any of the dinosaurs’ performances. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure there is a location that meets all dinosaur requirements. If there are any concerns, please let us know prior to the contract agreement. If the customer has to cancel, the deposit can be used towards one rescheduled event pending availability. 


-Suncoast Dinosaurs reserves the right to cancel a reservation if payment in full is not received 72 hours prior to the event. In addition, Suncoast Dinosaurs reserves the right to cancel and or leave an event if there is hostility, foul language, abuse of alcohol or drugs or Suncoast Dinosaur determines there is a risk of injury to its staff or damage to its property. If damages occur to Suncoast Dinosaurs’ property while at an event by the host of the party or any of its guests, the host of the party will be held financially responsible.

In the event adequate and safe vehicle access, parking, and dinosaur access to the location is not available Suncoast Dinosaurs reserves the right to cancel and leave the event, a refund will not be issued.

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