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All dinosaur rental rates for dinosaur character interactions are 20-minute increments. The 20-minute increments ensure our dinosaurs are continually refreshed and at their best ready to wow the crowd. After each 20-minute interaction, our Wranglers will water and feed the dinosaurs(to ensure they won’t eat all the cake….or any of the guests), and then they will be ready to start another adventure with you!

Are you active/ retired military or a first responder? Let us say thank you by offering a 10% discount. Please show us your ID so we can apply a discount at the time of your booking.

How much does it cost to hire a dinosaur?

*additional travel rates and fees may apply

Send us your questions and we will get back to you.

Need to rent a dinosaur for your fair or festival?

Each festival, fair, and educational venue has different requirements that affect the rates. Please contact us for an all-inclusive quote.

We specialize in bringing dinosaur dreams to life. It doesn’t matter if you are 4 or 104 with a dream of meeting a live walking dinosaur; we strive to make you feel like your dreams have come true. That’s why our team of dinosaur Wranglers and puppeteers have specialized training to ensure the safe, professional performance of the life-size, realistic animatronic puppets. All of our puppeteers trained countless hours to provide the most natural interpretation of each dinosaur (that an extinct animal can give) that will amaze your audience. Additionally, the dinosaur Wranglers expertly guides our dinosaurs safely around the modern world and is well versed in handling all the prehistoric needs that could arise. When you hire a dinosaur character with Suncoast Dinosaurs, you are booking an interactive experience that will make your event unforgettable.

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