National Dinosaur Day: A Celebration of Prehistoric Wonder

Do you love dinosaurs? If so, you’re not alone. Millions of people worldwide share your fascination with these ancient creatures that once ruled the Earth. That’s why two days are dedicated to celebrating dinosaurs every year: May 15 and June 1. These are the dates of National Dinosaur Day, a time to learn more about these amazing animals and their history.

The History of National Dinosaur Day
The U.S. National Park Service first observed National Dinosaur Day in 2017 in an effort to raise awareness of the value of paleontology in science and education as well as the significance of fossil preservation for future generations. The date of May 15 was chosen because it coincided with the anniversary of the discovery of the first complete dinosaur skeleton, an iguanodon, in 1878. The date of June 1 was added later by National Today, a website that tracks holidays and events, to give dinosaur fans another opportunity to celebrate.

What Makes Dinosaurs Special
Dinosaurs were a diverse group of creatures that lived during the Mesozoic era, or the Age of Reptiles, which lasted from about 252 million to 66 million years ago. They ranged in size from tiny birds to gigantic sauropods, and they adapted to various environments and lifestyles. Some were herbivores, some were carnivores, and some were omnivores. Some were fast and agile, some were slow and armored, and some were able to fly or swim. Some had horns, spikes, crests, frills, or feathers. Some even had warm blood and parental care.

Dinosaurs are special because they represent a long and successful evolutionary history that spanned millions of years and multiple mass extinctions. They also inspire curiosity and wonder in people of all ages, who marvel at their diversity and mystery. Dinosaurs are a source of scientific discovery, artistic expression, and cultural influence.

How to Celebrate National Dinosaur Day

There are many ways to celebrate National Dinosaur Day at home or in your community. Here are some ideas:

• Visit a museum or a park that has dinosaur fossils or exhibits. You can learn more about the different types of dinosaurs, what they looked like, what they ate, and what happened to them. You can also see how paleontologists study fossils and reconstruct the past.

• Watch a movie or a documentary about dinosaurs. You can enjoy the thrilling action and stunning visuals of Jurassic Park, The Land Before Time, Walking with Dinosaurs, or Dinosaur Train. You can also learn more about the latest scientific findings and theories about dinosaurs from experts like David Attenborough or Neil deGrasse Tyson. Shows like Dino Dana and Dino Ranch are great ways to get kids excited about learning more about these amazing creatures

• Read a book or a comic about dinosaurs. You can immerse yourself in the fictional worlds of Jurassic World, Dinotopia, or Age of Reptiles. You can also explore the factual information and illustrations of The Dinosaur Book, The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs, or How to Draw Dinosaur

• Play a game or a puzzle with dinosaurs. You can have fun with dinosaur-themed board games like Dinosaur Island, card games like Dino Duel, video games like Ark: Survival Evolved, or mobile games like Jurassic World Alive. You can also challenge yourself with dinosaur jigsaw puzzles or 3D model.

• Do a craft or an activity with dinosaurs. You can unleash your creativity with dinosaur coloring pages, origami, clay modeling, or painting. You can also make your own dinosaur fossils with plaster or salt dough, or your own dinosaur eggs with paper mache and a balloon.

• Bake fossil cookies with dinosaurs. You can make delicious sugar cookies with dinosaur footprints using toy figurines or cookie cutters. Just make sure to wash them well before using them on food.

• Invite a dinosaur to your party with Suncoast Dinosaurs. If you live in central Florida, you can book one of their realistic dinosaur characters to make your event unforgettable. They have a T-rex named Elvis, a velociraptor named Beeatrice, a baby triceratops named Trisarah, and many more.

National Dinosaur Day is a great opportunity to celebrate your love for dinosaurs and learn more about them. Whether you choose to visit a museum, watch a movie, read a book, play a game, do a craft, bake cookies, or invite a dinosaur to your party, you will have a RAWRing-good time on this special day


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