Meet the dinosaur characters of Suncoast Dinosaurs

When it comes to character parties the possibilities are endless…You could have a princess, a superhero, or there are even unicorns that seem to make the rounds to every birthday party. Make your birthday party stand out with a dinosaur!  Boys and girls agree dinosaurs are always the right choice. Unicorns drool! Dinosaur Rule! 

 Walking Dinosaurs Characters

Jurassic Park, no way! Our dinosaurs love to show you that walking dinosaurs are the way to any dinosaur lover’s heart. These realistic dinosaur charters are ready to stomp on by and give them the the dinosaur  visit  party of their dreams.

Dinosaur for hire, Beeatrice


A young T-Rex that loves to sake his tail!He is  3 years old and has a lot to learn but can be a little bit on the stubborn side. He loves to meet new people and we will do our best to keep him from eating anyone…anyone else anyway.

Dinosaur for hire, Beeatrice


Her cousin, the velociraptor, gets all the fame, but is actually pretty small, about the size of a turkey. However, Beeatrice is the largest of all extinct raptor dinosaurs, a Utahraptor! She lived 125 million years ago, during the early Cretaceous period. There were so many new things way back then, and some of her favorites were the flowering plants and bees.  She is only 7 years old but can not wait to grow up, she could become 25 feet long and she may even grow feathers!

Baby Dinosaurs Characters

The youngest members of our Jurassic team make every dinosaur lover smile. 

Suncoast dinosaurs' Dolly eating


Is a young stegosaurus and is as sweet as she could be. Her favorite food is strawberries, but she loves to try and steal popcorn from time to time. Most days she loves to nap by her nest waiting for new friends to hatch. She comes straight from the Jurassic Period, about 150 million years ago.

Suncoast dinosaur's Tri-sarah


She isn’t our smallest baby, but she is our hatchling. Triceratops eggs aren’t like chicken eggs that we know today. They were soft eggs, and to keep them warm, instead of sitting on them, they would bury them. When the babies hatched, they were larger and much more developed, and Tri-Sarah loves to show off her size. She is still trying to figure out what she likes and doesn’t but knows she loves to meet new people.

More About Us

Dinosaur Wranglers Billie and Jayson are retired soldiers who, after 20 and 22 years in the military, decided it was time to take their expertise to the farm, where they take care of bees, chickens, dinosaurs, and some prehistoric animals. Their farm in Citrus County, Florida, is currently the home of three dinosaurs who have found life in the modern world thanks to the puppeteer Billie and Wrangler Jayson and their daughter ShelbyMae. Beeatrice, Dolly, and Tri-Sarah are handled daily to ensure they are well behaved, happy ( and exceptionally well-fed )during their public interactions to give the most life-like performance possible. Each dinosaur is custom-designed, handcrafted, and controlled to ensure every detail is as realistic as possible with the attention to detail only a soldier can provide.
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